PSA Insurance Scholarships help medical and dental students’ dreams become reality

PSA Insurance Scholarships help medical and dental students' dreams become reality


Tertiary education should be open to all, but for some this seems to be practically unattainable particularly for students wishing to study medicine or dentistry.

A high academic score maybe sufficient to secure a university place, but one’s personal circumstances or situation may prove to be a real impediment to taking up that university offer. PSA Insurance helps aspiring medical and dental students cross that hurdle.

PSA Insurance helps our future doctors and dentists achieve their dreams. They offer scholarships to students with personal and financial challenges and who show potential the opportunity to achieve their career goal as well as foster a sense of community and collegiality amongst them. This culture of giving which helps these future doctors and dentists is a trademark of these scholarships as these students go about helping their more junior classmates and therefore perpetuate a sense of giving back.

PSA Scholarships, with varying characteristics and end objectives, are available at all medical and dental schools in Victoria. Accordingly, these are spread across The University of Melbourne, Monash, Deakin and La Trobe (Bendigo Campus) Universities. This year alone there are 23 students benefiting from these scholarships.

As well as focusing on students with some degree of financial disadvantage, these scholarships also aim to attract students experiencing some personal and domestic challenges such as first in family to attend university, from regional and remote areas, non-English speaking background or from difficult or broken family situations.

“Your support allows us to attract the best and brightest students from all social backgrounds. With your help, we have increased the number of scholarships available to deserving students, fostering a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders.” (from the advancement manager at La Trobe University)"

PSA Insurance scholarships come in different shapes and sizes and range in value from $10,000 to $25,000 per annum depending on the scholarship. These are fit for purpose scholarships and can cover accommodation and board at a university college for the entire four-year duration of the course such as those at The University of Melbourne or tuition fees and accommodation costs for Monash University students wishing to undertake the one-year honours medical research elective. Indigenous student scholarships are also on offer at Monash University offering accommodation support as well as a stipend to cover some course costs. At La Trobe University (Bendigo dental school) these scholarships assist students meeting all major costs of the five-year dental course whereas Deakin medical students are offered the opportunity for a fully funded year at a rural medical placement of their choice.

According to the senior development manager at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (The University of Melbourne):

"This year more than ever, we have seen students finding it difficult to make ends meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PSA Insurance’s generosity and support not only provides the peace of mind students need to take full advantage of their studies, but also creates a community of like-minded students who will contribute to the health and wellbeing of our society for years to come”.

These feelings reverberate across all PSA Insurance scholarship students such as the one below from a 2020 recipient of the Monash PSA Insurance Medical Science Honours Scholarship:

“I am extremely grateful to have received this scholarship which has greatly eased my financial burden from having to live away from home. I am very honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of this scholarship. I hope to do my best in tutoring junior medical students living on campus”

Similar feelings are felt at Deakin University where some students have seen these scholarships as a life changing gift providing the financial freedom to pursue their passion for medicine and truly immerse themselves in a clinical setting.

medical and dental scholarships
From left to right: Courtney Waugh, Meghan Ellis, Steven Mutimer, Walter Noonan, Dr Colette Reeves (Director VMIAL), Sylvain Mani (CEO VMIAL) and Associate Professor LAra Fuller (Deakin Uni).


It’s also about giving back

A feature of PSA Insurance scholarships is the expectation that students participate in mentoring and tutoring activities within their college community as they advance to their senior years and therefore assist in the academic endeavours of junior students.

The COVID-19 crises provided medical students with an additional opportunity to give back to the community. The Government’s call to medical students to lend a hand had a phenomenal response.

One of PSA Insurance’s scholar and final-year Monash medicine student is among those who responded to this call.  “I think there’s a big sense of responsibility towards our community,” he said. “It’s a very uncertain time for everyone, but ultimately we went into medicine and medical school to help our communities.”

At the University of Melbourne, PSA Insurance’s philanthropy and support - now in its 15th year - was acknowledged in 2019 with the awarding of “The Wilson” medal in recognition of its commitment to support deserving medical and dental students.

Insurance bought through PSA Insurance not only protects you but also contributes towards these scholarships and thus helps young people in the fulfilment of their chosen career in medicine or dentistry.  In the coming months we will share more stories from these wonderful students and their lives after university.  If you would like any more information about PSA or an insurance quote, please call 1300 772 467 or email


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